DRZ400s wont tick over, help please!

Hi, im Alex,

Iv owned my 2001 suzuki DRZ400s for about 2 months and one morning i went into the garage, pushed the starter and nothing.. The battery was dead, (it was only charged about 4 days befor as it had died aswell), and now iv charged it back up it doesnt idle.. If i put the choke on it will start and run but as soon as that choke is off it cuts out.. Iv adjusted the rev screw on the carb but i dont wana have to keep the bike constantly on high revs, also i took the carb out as i thought the pilot jet was blocked but it was fine (cleaned it anyway just to be safe) but now the carbs back in and the problem hasnt changed im confuzed at what it could be.. Could it possibly be a battery problem or altenator? Or something completely different?

I want to avoid having to take it to a garage because im exactly rolling in cash atm. :)

Also: i bought the bike and kept it in my garage for 2 months and without realising my battery had died and was completly flat for about 2 or 3 weeks so if that possibly has something to do with the problem? But i couldnt figure out why i wouldnt have had this problem sooner if it was.

Thanks, Alex

All inputs welcome XD

If it will start and run and do everything except idle, it is not the electrical system. It is the carb.  Try a new pilot jet.  Not sure of the EU carb jetting, the pilot is probably 22.5.  A 25 will work better.  Adjust he fuel screw.  

If your bike won't turn over after four days you defenitely have a bad battery.  You may have a fuel system issue as well, but start with a new battery first and go from there, as I have had some dead batteries rob all power being generated at idle leading to the bike to stall out unless it is revved up.

Kk thanks guys, i think i will start by buying a new battery then.. And hope that clear up the problem slightly possibly get the bike to idle.

Also i forgot to mention befor that when i press the starter sometimes the display screen goes blank and bike seems to have no power at all (even when it has just been charged and should be full of power) so thats more of a reason to make me believe that it might be a battery problem :0.

Il keep u updated anyway

Cheers for replying guys


You do have a battery problem.  But that will not fix the idle.  

Quick update - i charged up my battery on my bike and took it for a ride (i adjusted the rev screw so it was in high revs, else it would keep stalling) Nd after a 45 min drive i re adjusted the rev screw to as it was originally and it was idling fine again.. HOWEVER, after leaving the bike for an hour i went bAck and tried starting it and it wouldnt idle again and then after cutting out i tried reatarting it and the battery was flat again,... Urghh so back to where i was in the beginning..

Have you made sure the stator is good? If it isnt charging your battery your bike will run for a short time just off the battery. Check in the FAQ for the how-to on checking the stator.

+1 stators cooked.

Iv just had my carb professionally cleaned and put back in but unfortunately no change at all, i think im gona take it to the motorcycle shop down the road tomorrow as im not mechanically sound (im trying to learn obviously) but in this case i might let the professional have a look, just hoping it wont cost me any more than a couple of hundred. Il update you guys of what the problem was anyhow XD



Stator replacement is cake I would definitely recommend doing it on your own. Gotta learn somehow. I would bet a shiny quarter that is your issue.

Hmm so all the bike workshops near me have about a week waiting list :0 however one of the mechanics on the phone metioned there being a stator problem aswell. So do you guys know if a stator will possibly sort out the idleing problem aswell as the battery? :)

I do know that trying to diagnose an issue with a dead battery is an excercise in futility. Do the stator, go from there.

It could also be the regulator/rectifier.

Update - my uncle came round today (auto electrician) and hooked his volt meter to the battery and it was 12.32 volts when ignition was on but engine off, and when i started the bike (with choke on obviously as the problem i have is the bike not idling) and the reading was just slowly rising. So i presume the stator is working fine and is charging the battery.

My uncle said if i was to get a diagram of the electrical wiring system if the bike he would go threw it and try find the problem that way.

Does anybody know where i could get my hands on a decent copy of the wiring? Its a suzuki drz400s 2001



Thankyou mate, thats exactly what i was looking for

Final update - thankyou gsxr for your input, you where correct, it was the stator which was causing the bike not to idle and not charge. Fitted a new one now and it is running perfectly :)

I do have an annoying tapping noise coming from the engine area which i believe to be the cam chain tentioner. I think so anyway..

Does anybody know how easy or hard it would be to fit a manual cam chain tentioner? And/ how much one might be? I know there is an automatic cam chain tentioner in atm



mcct is easy to install on your own. check out this post from the FAQ: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/552694-mcct-install-guide-and-why-one-is-recommended/


TT sells one here: https://www.thumpertalk.com/shop/ThumperTalk-Manual-Cam-Chain-Tensioner-ENG-TT-MCCT1-p2006766344.html


APE also makes a nice unit that is anodized blue


also take off your valve cover and have a look at the autodecompression on the exhaust cam to make sure that isnt causing the noise you are hearing

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