Low sided my '06 510smr :(

As the title states, my beloved husky has seen its last day rubber side down a few months ago. Was coming around a familiar turn that I've hit hundreds if not a thousand times, and there was a extra sandy wash. She held it held it, then slowly washed out. Unfortunately this road is cliff side and she slid off and had a good couple tumbles and an abrupt stop. CRACKED the freaking neck of the frame, and cracked my triple :-(. I've looked on ebay and found a te450 frame I think and the seller said the lowest he would go is $800. I really don't have that type of cash. So my question is does anyone on here know anyone else or yourself selling a 510smr frame? I know a lot of husky parts are inter changeable, but I remember reading somewhere the smr models have a few specific differences compared to the dirt models in their frame, Is this true? I pretty much have everything but the frame and triple clamps. I've heavily debated taking my loss and parting out but I know husky parts arn't all that easy to sell. Please post your experiences, advice in what I should do, my yz's aren't fixing my street craving at the moment ;-) Thanks guys.

Bump for any info, I'm dying to get back on the tarmac..

I would check out CH for this type of request

Bills   might have  a  chassis.  also  you  have  2  xlnt  frame  shops  in SoCal  for frame  straightening  and  repair.   one in stanton   ....

Really appreciate the info. If the crack wast soo bad I would have considered repair, its a horrible crack, and the way I ride I don't trust welds. By the time I'm done with gas and labor it will be about the price of a reasonable used frame. And is "Bills" a member here or the name of a shop?

Don't quote me, but I just saw a frame for a 510 on Café Husky a few minutes ago, 2008 or something like that. Try over there.

I defiantly will thanks. I think the 08 was much different than the 06, they changed a lot of stuff body wise and motor wise in 08.

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