Kx450f bars?

I was wondering if someone could help me out I'm tryin to find the best grip glue. I tried the Scott's grip glue and it didn't work well at all. Does hair spray work?

try clear paint. has worked well for me over years and its cheap

Thank you


Pro taper glue sets in minutes and is rideable in a half hour or so.

I use Grip-it, which I believe is the same as the Pro Taper glue. It will lock a grip on.

Pro taper glue us the best for securing a grip, but the worst for removing the old glue. Plus it's just overpriced super glue.

I've been using clear spray paint with good results. No mess, easy cleaning when installing new grips, I haven't had one spin in me yet, and it sets in about ten minutes.

I'd still do some wire at end just in case ... I like pro taper glue

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