What coils are compatable with my 1987 XR600R?

Picked up a the bike a few weeks ago.  Hadn't run in almost 2 years.  Getting ready to go thru the carbs but first I thought I'd check some easy stuff for piece of mind.  Started off by checking spark and there was none.  Tested the coil and it appears to be bad.  So I'm wandering what all coils will work so to broaden my search for another one?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Any of the coils above should work in your 600..Eyeball the one that looks the most alike as your current one and go with that..You need a good long lead for the 600s..or if you want to risk it and have a spare or access to one from one of the bikes below it should also work..



XR 650L/600/500/400/350/80/70

TRX 500/450/400/350/300/250/90


NSR 250

CRF 80/70


DR 350/250/200


RGV 250

AN 125

TR 50 street magic

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Thanks Horri!  Apparently my coil isn't bad as I suspected.  Seems my meter is though!  LOL!  Now I have to chase down why I don't have spark.

Key on..Kill switch in run position..if yeah and no spark it's possibly the Stator..Check the Red/black wire which runs from inside the Stator cover all the way up to the loom connection at the CDI.. The Stator cover needs to come off for a check of that wire between where it enters and exits the cover..Lean the bike over to the right a ways and the oil won't come out then you remove the cover..Watch the clutch arm on that cover..move it back and forth when you have the cover off and a small piece that actuates the clutch rod will become dislodged and possibly fall out..If you put it back together like that you'lll have no working clutch and wonder why..Check that red/black just where it enters the cover through that rubber grommet..it's an area it can get worn at..All good,,stator or maybe CDIs had it..


Prior to doing any of that just give the CDI a couple of good raps with the blunt end of a screwdriver,,any spark,,If no carry on with the red/black wire check..


That stuff checks out ok,, check the pulse generator wires are hooked up ok to the loom and from the genny..Right hand side front of the engine,,some wires..pulse gennys on the end of them..,,If ok you'll be needing the ohm meter to check the Stator resistances and the Pulse genny stuff..

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Got it!  Somone had dome some work at some time in the past and changed out the stator because of the wire color layout and there were a lot of aftermarket connectors.  I just checked them all out and found that one of the 2 wires to the coil was apart but wrapped up in electrical tape.  Got good spark now and time to rebuild the carbs!

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