Is my bike running too rich? (pics included)

Hey everyone, I have a 2000 cr125 that i think is running a bit too rich. I've never really rode another 125 before, so i cant really compare mine to any other bikes, but i think i have a excesive amount of oil spooge from my pipe. Where the seilencer and pipe meet i have lots of oil drops on the swing arm, and im sure that more have fallen onto the ground. On the number plate near the exhaust i have a gunky build up of black crud all over where the exaust blows on it. The bike runs pretty good other than the fact it has almost no bottom end power and minimal mid range power, but from what i hear this is pretty typical for most 125s, and cr's in peticular. From idle i can give the bike WOT throttle and there will be no hesitation all the way through the rpm range. When i first got the bike i re-packed the muffler, and when i did the old packing was absoulty soaked in un burnt oil. The previous owner ran all synthtics in his bike as well. I have since switched to maxima 927. I am sure that this is maybe part of the problem since  maxima 927 doesnt burn as cleanly as synthetics, but it seems like the bike has always had a lot of spooge even when it was ran with synthtics. I am not the fastest rider, but when i'm on the track the bike is either pinned or im not giving it any gas. I like to wind the gears out and keep the bike in the top of the rpm range. I don't really think that im just not riding the bike hard enough because 95% of the time its well in the powerband. Anyways heres a few pics of the spooge. If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great.


Pic number 4, which is kind of hard to see, is where the pipe meets the cylinder. I have a exhaust leak, and some oil leaking from there too.

photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG

photo 3.JPG

photo 4.JPG

photo 1(1).JPG

photo 2(2).JPG

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Wash your bike



You made no mention of your oil mix ratio, your last top end, or if you have ever adjusted the air screw....

It really doesn't look that bad to me. I always ran 32:1 on my 125 with a perfectly jetted carb and had just a little bit less splooge then that.

I had the same problem with my sx125

I just changed my oil ratios around (less oil). And that made a noticeable difference I the amount of scunge but never fully got rid of it

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