KTM shock rebuild [Future project]

 I made a topic, and was asked to come out over here, since it's suspension related.


 "Ok here is the deal, I have an 09 xcw450 shock on my 300exc (previous owner changed it) I am not 100% sure if its just the fluid, or if the nitrogen has a play in this, but I feel like the action isn't as fast as it should be, seems like the fluid is too thick to me. when I turn the rebound all the way to hard, its almost rock solid. 

 I am just wanting to know what are the needs for a shock fluid change? seals, oil weight, any special tools, or can you get by with daily tools. I would like to do it all myself (I know I can't fill the nitrogen) how much should it cost to do a nitrogen charge, and what ibs should I do? what is the difference in difference amount of nitrogen? 
 I plan on doing this, this winter, and I want to get as much need knows as I can. "
 like I wrote, what makes me thing the action is slow, is when I turn all the settings to hard, the rear is almost as hard as a rock, and that makes me think the fluid is too think, but a fellow rider was explaining that it can be shims as well. 
 I can ride as it is, I just think that down the road when I get faster, I will notice it isn't quite right. 

its suppost to get hard when you tunr everything in!!


Try to set it up for what you ride first not on the garage floor and if you dont like something you can start make changes!!


the 09 is suppost to be good! or better than other years!


i dont know legth wise!!

Wblake is right, get a good dozen rides on the bike first making clicker changes along the way...see if you find a setting you like before tearing into the shock..and keep good notes.

You might find as you get faster the shock will work better. 

Slower riders need a plusher setting because they hit everything in the trail, where fasters riders through skill and speed either miss or float over the a lot of the rough stuff.

PDS shocks is harder to bleed correctly, if you decide to open the shock do some good research or send it out to a professional.

lol, yes I know that it should get hard when it's at full settings, but I never seen this with my other bike. I mean it took all my weight(200ib) plus pushing down hard to get it to move just a little bit. I really don't know If I will do this or not, I haven't decided, I just wanted to get all of the need to knows.


 but I had an interesting idea, my uncle has a 02' 200exc, he doesn't ride right now, I wonder if I can convince him to let me me barrow the shock out of it, just to see how it feels. I imagine it would fit, but be too light for my bike, but just an experience to try, and get ideas. 


 I have tried all kinds of settings.

I guess it's really, I am not at a point where I can do way more than what my suspension can do. if that makes any sense, my skill lvl isn't that high right now.

you have to take into consiteration the length of different shocks as well...if you want to play around!

i dont know the excact diff from 02....i have some notes i will look into later!

on the clickers am not 100% but all shock behave that much!

there are a couple of good threads in ktmtalk.com and advrider forums which are pretty good getting every together and doing it right!

i try and link something later

you have to take into consiteration the length of different shocks as well...if you want to play around!


 I could loose what 1/2 to 1 inch of travel, and it will be that much lower(I know it magnifies all around) It should technically have the same bolt up size. Wouldn't be permanent(or would it :p ) but just to see how the bike feels.

its the longer ones i dont know what you can do!

Let us know what you find out!

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