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Shorai battery and Battery Tender charger

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I have used one with no issues. One weird deal did find that if you let a Shorai drain completely a battery charger will or pick it up. Its like nothing is hooked up. What you have to do is take another battery and a set of booster cables and just touch them to the Shorai with the charger hooked up.

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It's not a problem, but it's also not usually needed.

Li Ion batteries don't 'leak' power while sitting.

They retain power for long periods without re-charging.

If you think the battery is not 50% of power, you can put it on a tender.

But putting it on a tender is not required once it's charged up.

If your battery leaks voltage, you have a parasitic drain somewhere on your bike (Speedo clock....)


Shorai recommends never letting the voltage drop too far (battery get too weak) or you will damage the battery.


If it gets to below 20%, it will shut off, until you 'jump it' with another battery.

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From the Shorai web site:


"If the battery sits in the bike, please charge the battery if the voltage drops below 13.3V.  Using a battery tender is okay to recharge the battery but it is not designed to maintain the proper voltage if left connected to the shorai battery.  If a charger is to be used on the bike for storage purposes the shorai BMS-01 charger is recommended."



Might want to read through:


http://shoraipower.com/faq  (1st item and 6th)







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