honda stop making kicker for 86cr500 need help

Does anyone know if there are any bikes that have the same kicker or a arm . Or the peice that goes on the splined shaft . I just need it to start the bike until i find one without spending over a hundred bucks or anyone that has one laying around . I can get for a reasonable price like around 40.00 . I like to make and find interchangeable items . Because i live in a rural area , and dont go to the city to much . Any ideas or solutions arw appreciated .

84-87  cr250 will fit the splines and 84-2001 cr500 will fit the splines. you would just have make sure it will fold in while riding.

Some years are different lenghts too. If you find a longer one you will have more leverage for starying the beast

Any kick starter will fit shaft but 89 up had lowboy pipe and is shaped for it so dont know if it will clear

Sorry any CR500

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