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2004 YZ 125 Rebuild

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Hi all. I picked up this at the beging of the year for $400 (Austalian). Thought it was about time i started to get it back together so i thought i would do a rebuild thread cos i enjoy reading others. It seems to have low hours from looking at condition of the frame but its goin to have to be a total rebuild. There is that many missing parts i hope the final $$ figure isnt going to be to ridiculus. I am going to get the frame PC coated within the next week or two. Thinking either a dark grey or a silver?? Ordering a hot rods complete crank kit tonight and a complete bolt kit. The cylinder has a nice deep gouge taken out of it. My guess is that a piston clip feel into the bottom end during a rebuild and never got removed. To fix that im considering a EG 144 job. I will add some photos of progress so far. Any input and ideas welcome cheers!!



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So far the parts list is....

Radiators + Hoses + Grills


New plastics and graphics

Bolt Kit

Exhaust system

Fork seals

Air filter cage and air filter


Cylinder head engine mount

clutch pearch

and growing fast lol





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