2 stroke mix life time?

Hey guys I mixed 20 litres of 40:1 mixture about 2 months ago, it's been under cover, what's the approx life time on it?

Ps australian fuel by Te way.



should be o.k.,  maybe just mix another fresh 5 litres in with it,


 I used UK fuel from 1 season to another,



Stored in what kind of container? 

Steel cans store gasoline with less loss or contamination.   Gas tanks seem to be the worst with the vent tube on top.



How much ethanol in your fuel?   

That seems to be the problem ingredient.   Ethanol takes in water, then the ethanol evaporates, leaving water behind.   Not as bad with Stabil or pre-mix as straight gas in the tank.   With a 10% mix of ethanol, gone are the days an XR can be stored for a year, then fired up if gas was left in the carb.



How wide open to you ride?

If you ride wide open, donate some fuel to people with 2-stroke power tools.   Add new gas/oil.

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Cheers guys it's in a plastic Gerry can, there's no air valve on it. Just a pour hole. I'll give it a go

My Husky WR sat for a year with over a half a tank, fired up on the 4th kick and ran fine

really  all depends  on what  type  of  gas  and wher  it  was  refined.  pump in  usa is crap  usually  after   6 mo.  i run only race  gas,  store  in  the original  steel  5 gal drums  and  it is  good  for   over  2 years.  according  to sunoco   or  VP,   i  just  won't  run  pump  w  ethanol.  

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