Shifting problems already?

Went out this weekend for a short ride and noticed when I would do a tight turn and espeacially if it was a pretty bumpy turn I would go to shift down and it was like there was no gears until I would let the clutch out a little then i could shift down.Happend like 2 times during the ride I cant remember if one of my 2 strokes did this or my street bike but i have had another bike do this.


It is a 2013 kx 450f with not even 3 hours on it. I did change the oil and air filter rotella t6 and i dont know if that coul be the issue, Also dont know if changing oil you use every oil change can be bad for the bike like going syntetic to semi or non.


Just wanted to make sure incase this is the start of a big problem I can adress it now



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Change the oil type as often as you like. If there is 5% of the old oil mixed with the new, it wont matter. They are all compatible, and the 95% new stuff is what you will notice.


I suggest you keep using Rotella mineral oil, and be gentle on the shifts while something in the transmission wears in for you. There's a very good chance it'll get much better, and a very low chance it's the start of a big problem.


My 06 was notchy and stubborn to shift when new, but it just got better and better, and today it shifts perfectly compared to many other good bikes I've been lucky enough to test ride in the past few years.  I use Shell diesel oil, and found the feel of the clutch and shifting is way better than when using some "special" full synth bike oils.

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My new kxf 450 2012 was lyk that at about 15 hours I got paranoid so after a talk with my dealer he sed they sometimes lyk that new and need to be riddin hard not using clutch when shifting down so the engine gearbox is doing all the work and no the clutch I did this on n off for a few races and it never happened again I now have over 130 hours on it

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stonerpantz, That's a great point about shifting without using the clutch. I typically do that, and I never thought about it, but maybe that helped wear my transmission in. 

suplol, when I wrote "be gentle on the shifts", you can think of that as avoiding power shifting with throttle open too much, or downshifting when you know it'll smash in and send the crank RPMS sky high.

Ok thanks again for great input. Got in another ride this weekend and seems to be shifting alot better and rotella seems to be very liked on here so i will continue using.


Thanks :thumbsup:

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