rm 125 running hot

I think its getting too hot, lots of wear on parts that didn't have it on the rebuild and greyness like hardcore burnt up oil all over my clutch basket and pressure plate, just installed new clutch ( steel and friction plates) and idk if its running hot other then by seeing the markings (coloring) on the shift shaft like it had gotten really hot.


whats a good running temp for dirt bikes? also whats good way to measure temp? laser? idk


should I be worried?

Don't worry ~ be happy!  (sorry, I had to say that!)


The gray oil that you are seeing after installing a new clutch sounds like clutch material from your friction disks and plates breaking in, it's normal stuff.  That's actually why Honda has a separate oil system in their CRF's, it's to keep the clutch material out of the cam area and wearing it out.  Either way, don't worry just be sure to change your oil regularly, this is actually why "us" 2 stroke riders change our oil ~ not because it's broken down but because it's saturated with gray clutch spooge.


Temperature wise, you can buy little stickers from Grainger to apply to your radiator that change colors as it gets hotter and stays that way after they cool.  So it's a one shot deal but they are cheap and accurate enough.  And I would say that as long as you are below 220 you should be fine.  What are you running for coolant?


just a somewhat 50/50 ratio water and anti-freeze, whats the best thing to do for coolant?

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