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Antigravity batteries compared to Shorai ?

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Was looking at this battery , Antigravity YTZ10-12.




Looks pretty good on paper. Anyone know anything about it ?  I have a Shorai LFX14L2-BS12

in my '13 XC right now and the specs say it's 210 CCA, it's the largest dimension Shorai I could fit in the XC.

Seems this Antigravity battery has more CCA (360) which never hurts for

dead start races. Is this thing that much better ? It's specs say it has 150 more CCA than the same size Shorai.

The numbers on paper (specs) for batteries

can be translated and represented so many ways.

Can anyone shed some light on this ? Thanks much !

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Shorai's are made in China and the case is a flimsy piece of plastic of which the seams are not sealed, so moisture can penetrate them. 


Antigravity is made here in the states. They are a sealed, hard cased battery which can't ever seep moisture. 


I for one like supporting America if the price is the same and performance is even BETTER on the Antigravity... why not go for it? 


I have two Antigravity's and they work great, not a single issue. 

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