My first RM

I bought a 2002 RM 125 off of a guy I work with a few days ago and I need some info. I'm a honda guy and this is the first suzuki dirt bike I've ever had. I've had street but not dirt. Any way the carb started leaking gas out of the bottom and left me sitting on the line at the start of a moto. The only rebuilt kit I've found is a tucker rocky. Where can I find a good rebuild kit, and what would be the best manual to get, Clymer or Suzuki shop manual. Any  help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Most 2 stroke dirt bikes do not have "carb rebuild kits", that's because most 2 stroke carbs are very simple with very few moving parts (pretty much just the slide assembly and the float needle).  In your case the float isn't floating or the float valve isn't sealing.  Time to pull the carb down and spray some carb cleaner.  The Tucker kit might be worth buying but I really think that you only need a can of carb cleaner.


In the later years the owners manuals (not the shop manual) have been getting better, so if you can find an OEM owners manual for your bike ~ buy it.  If not, then buy the Clymers.

I took the carb apart yesterday and found the oring that seals the bowl to the carb was in three pieces, now I know why it was leaking at least. I also found that someone has put grooves in the cylinder side of the carb, trying to create a special flow. Where can I find a good deal on a new carb? Should I buy oem or is there a better aftermarket carb?

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