Oil change frequency?

I have a 2000 yz426f and i run 10w-40 full synthetic oil in it...how often do you guys recommend i change my oil...when i go riding i go to gorman ca which consists of long trail rides and sweet hill climbs...as of now i change about every other ride depending on the severity of the riding.

sounds good to me.

Every ten hours of run time.

Another good measure of time is change it about every 3rd full tank of fuel you use, or less if you have an oversize tank. I change mine every other tank full with an ims 3.2? Gallon tank.

Am I correct to say . . . more often is required for the 250F?

Clean oil and air keeps a motor happy. She will love you long time.

great read on the 450F oil interval recommendations. Can 100% of that information be applied to the 250F or since it's a smaller displacement change the oil more often?

I probably would not stretch the interval out as far on a 250F, no.  They get worked a lot harder. 

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