04 TE 250 - Mikuni TMR needle plastic washer

There is a plastic washer in the needle of my TMR Mikuni carb. Just wonder if this washer goes under or on top of the needle clip. Manual is not clear. Many thanks in advance.

The Pic in my manual shows the white spacer underneath the needle clip.

It has to go on top, fits neatly into retaining nut.

Otherwise your jetting will be Waaaay too rich at part throttle.

You see, 2 different replies. Thank you for your time replying.

When i disassembled it was under the clip but i had the same thoughts as it would sure influence the needle position. To be on top would make more sense.

Any third opinions, insight please!

I have same bike and carby.

Just put it together and test.

I actually found that the next size up needle runs much better. I had a bad low throttle stutter with stock (52) so I got the (53) from Japan and now runs beautifully.

Will check which needle i have there. Im just waiting for new jets to com in order to set it up. It has a 17,5 pilot and 120 main which i think is too small. Ordered 30 / 35 / 40 pilot ones and 155 / 170 main ones to start with.

Well, understand that you place the plastic washer on top of the needle. Will try that also.

I run 20.5 pilot

160 main

J8-10E01/53 needle on #2

Now perfect.

Tried 17.5 pilot

Tried 155 main

Had J8-10E01/52 (stock) needle

But all rough running fixed for me with the Bigger needle.

Just fitted an Athena 300cc kit and thats why i ordered bigger jets. Will keep you posted. Presently having some issues with the regulator/rectifier which seems to be not charging the battery. Can you tell me the color sequence of the wires coming out of your rectifier? From top it should be yellow/blue/red/white, correct? Will try to place apicture here.

Electrical diagram.





Thanks, so i think that my regulator is out of order. It is connected like that but it seems that its not charging.IM presently charging my battery in order try to run the engine with the new jets.

Are we talking about the same thing?

There is a plastic "collar" not washer in mine which goes on the end of the needle and fits up inside the retaining nut. Maybe mine is missing a washer... Anyway. Hope the 300 kit goes well. Would love one for mine ;)


I have emailed you a photo from the workshop manual.



Hi Rick, picture received with thanks! Its very clear now.


Thommo, send me your email then i will email you the picture. I have not seen a plastic collar inside the retaining nut on my carb and have not seen it eaither on the manual. Have not ridden the bike yet with the kit and still without time and uncharged battery...still waiting for jets to come in by post, terrible situation here with banks and post offices under strike.

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