What tools and parts for a Yamaha WR (TC) suspension rebuild ?

I need to respring and possibly revalve the suspension (forks and shock) on my 2012 WR450F.

I am planning to start with replacing the springs and leaving everything else stock and seeing what I have. However, I would like to pull the dampers apart to get dimensions to input into the Restacker program.

The bike is pretty new, I wasn't planning on replacing the bushings and seals. I'll get them next time.

What tools and parts do I need ?

I don't see a Shraeder valve on the shock damper. How do I add one ?

The shock may use the new needle valve nitrogen fill that came out on WP's and on the latest Kawasakis.  It's rather like that on a football, and effectively eliminates the need for an expensive and hard to find "no-loss" chuck for filling Schraeder valves.


Otherwise, nothing too special for the shock.


On the fork, you'll need a ring wrench to unscrew the cartridge and a compression valve wrench to remove the base valve from the top of that.  I don't know whether the sizes of these two items has changed, but up to the '09 model, they were an 8 point, 49mm ring wrench (box end) and the base valve wrench is a 35mm octagon with a 19mm hex on it to use a wrench on.  You will also need a rod holder, which can be as simple as an old piece of scrap that has a 12mm x 30mm slot in one end to hold the damper od up out of the axle lug while removing/replacing the rebound adjuster.  Some of the cartridge wrenches, like the Motion Pro, have this feature built into them.


Then, of course, a fork seal driver. 

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