2012 450 XC-W gearing question

I have 73 hours and 1200 miles on my 2012 450 XC-W.  It's stock except for an FMF 4.1 and a Scotts under-bar stabilizer.  I ride mostly technical single track, but I like to hit the MX track now and then too.  I find that I hardly use 1st gear, track or trails, and at awkward times I am trying to get out of 3rd and into 4th - the gap there is just too big for the track.  I've been thinking about changing the stock gearing (13/52) to a 13/50.  I hope the smaller rear sprocket will give me a little use out of 1st gear, and allow me to stay in 3rd longer when I'm on the track.  Any suggestions from anyone else who has made a change?  Thanks!

I run 14/52 in my 500exc. It makes 3rd slightly longer and the bigger sprockets help in lessening wear....

I have a FE 501 and I am leaning towards a 14/48.

I like the 13/48 I'm running on my 500 exc

Thanks everyone.  I'm going to go with a 14/52 and see how it goes, I'll let you know.

I made the change to 14/52, and after a few weeks healing from various injuries I have finally had a chance to try it on some rocky, technical single track.  It is a huge improvement, and although I haven't tried it on the MX track yet it will definitely be an improvement there too.  First gear is usable now, with more room to run in 2nd and 3rd.  They should sell them this way stock!

I hated the gear spacing...... spilt case installed xc 1st through 5th left the tall w 6th in place....for east cost woods racing used 13/52.... Bike now retired to dualsport 14/51

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