Bottom end bearings go where?

Hey guys,

I have a 2000 cr250 and I have torn apart the bottom end, removed all bearings and ordered new bearings. I took pictures of everything, but what I did not think of is to mark which bearings go into there proper space. I know have a ton of new seals and bearings, but they aren't marked very well. The diagrams online have not been to helpful to me. Certain bearings are easy to figure out, for example, the crank bearings and water pump bearings / seals. But the rest, I have the proper sides of the case but not completely sure where they go. Also the power valve assembly, the two upper bearings, one is a completely sealed bearing the other is open ball bearing, theses were not new I forgot to order them, they seem like there are in good shape. I'm not sure which one goes on which side. I'm have my head buried deep in the manual and hope to figure it out from there, but any help or insight would be awesome. And I tend to over think things, I'm hoping the bearings will be obvious when I line them up, but a few look to be very close in size! Oh and one last question is there any tricks to ensure they are seated completely? I know to heat the cases up in the oven (BBQ for me my wife would kill me) and freeze the bearings.

Thanks for the help,


Don't have an answer to your bearing, but FYI, instead of heating the whole side case and stink up the oven. Just use a propane torch and heat up the cutout area where the bearing sits inside. you can gauge how hot is needed by spraying some water on the heat affected surface. If the water jumps out and sizzles THE INSTANT  it touches the surface, then it's hot & ready. .

freeze the bearings to..they will just drop right into place.

Thank you on the tip of freezing the bearings, I will. As far as heating with a propane torch, I thought I read somewhere not to do that? I think the reasoning being is that you can warp something? But the bearing need to go in... I'll heat it up on the BBQ first and if they don't drop in, I'll take the torch to it. Thanks for the tips guys! Hope more come in and hopefully someone can give me some insight on locations of bearings and seals! Wish honda would have written crank bearing / seal instead of the size!

On the Honda parts fiche they list the bearing size number next to the part number. Such as nok or ntn 6205. That number is the specific part number for that hearing and is stamped in the outer race of the bearing. So if you look at the fiche and see part number 22 is a 6205 bearing you can just simply find the 6205 in your pile and install. Even better than that your local bearing supplier will sometimes have better prices on those same exact bearings than Honda. I've found some local places to me that were cheaper than Honda on some of them but a good deal more expensive on others. Just a tip if your ever in a jam one day and need that bearing the same day. Most of them are pretty common bearings that those places stock, but Hondas prices are pretty good on alot of them. Also when your putting the new bearings in make sure you get them as cold as possible. I've heated the cases before and dropped the bearing in only to have it seat about an 1/8 and stop. This can be especially frustrating if its one of the bearings that you can't access the outer race from the opposite side to pound it back out. Just make sure you put them in square in case they do stop you can just pound them home with a socket on the outer race.

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Curt that sounds excellent! I read dry ice is a way to go also... I bought all brand new bearings and seals 300+ dollars worth from t

Rockymoutianatvmc. My issue is the exploded parts diagram gets a little confusing on a few of the bearings and where they go... But as far as the power valve goes ill use the advise of the number stamping in reference to the exploded diagram! That's is excellent advice and the help I needed! So thank you a ton for that! Sorry about the two posts! I was typing then dropped my phone and most have sent part by mistake!


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