Where spring come from?

I took off the Right side crankcase cover and found 2 pieces of spring laying on the ignition pulse generator.  I open it up because my pause generator is bad.  At first I thought it was from decompression pin but do not believe that is correct since it is already compressed at 'rest'.  I believe that spring is the opposite.


Anyone know where this spring or springs is from???








Looks kinda like one of those springs in an oil seal that keeps tension on the ID to the shaft going through it...

Pics are a tad blurry


Eric,  thanks for the reply.  I thought of that just a few minutes ago.  I was going to update it saying to looks like a spring that is on some seals.  If that is what it is then any idea where one of those are on the 93' 650L.

Post some decent pics,,,,,,,,but yes i believe to that it`s a seal garter spring...


They are on the outputshaft seal.......and also one on the trans mainshaft...maybe others,,can`t recall..but if someone changed the countershaft output shaft seal...it`s more than likely that one,,as most people pry them out..



My guess would be the countershaft seal


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