i have a 94 and a 01 rm 250, they are great bikes but my one question is why does my bone stock 01 absolutely blow the doors off my bone stock 94????. The best way i can describe it is that my 94 feels more like a 125 then a 250 not a lot of low end power but a shit ton of top end. Is something wrong? or could it be something as simple as a power valve adjustment? my 01 has power thought and feels and pulls like a 250 should but not my 94.... what could be wrong!?!?!   

Both bikes are getting old, and the possibility that something is wrong with the '94 (like a power valve adjustment) is very possible.  Even so, the 7 year difference between these two bikes is great enough for the '01 to have a major advantage over the '94.  When I went from my '90 to a '02 RM250 it was a VERY big jump, because there wasn't "one thing" that was better ~ it was more like EVERYTHING was better. 

The power output should be very similar so it's likely the 94 needs to be rejetted or the top end is old etc.

 I had a 86 YZ 250 that I rebuilt and had the head shaved.ported, race gas, etc. When I got my 02 RM 250 it felt like you're saying.  I thought the YZ was fast but the newer engine design just blew the doors off the old bike even in great condition. 

when i had my 06rm250 which i bought new btw i used to ride my mates 96 or 98 rm250 and it was so much slower

no comparision really, felt like it was about 175 or 200cc, you cant stop evolution

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