Replacing Crank

Hey all, It's time to get the crank replaced in my 2007. Aside from a new crank and crankcase gasket & head gasket,  what else do I need in terms of parts to complete this job? Planning on doing it myself. Service manual will be on order soon.




The list can get long depending on what the condition of the engine is and how many hours.

Some of the basic parts would be the head gasket and base gasket, LS and RS crank bearings and seals, balancer shaft seals, LS and RS engine cover gaskets, timing chain, oil pump gears, any or all trans bearings needed and the seals. Really whatever is needed at this point when inspecting it after dis assembled. Check the clutch components ,cylinder head and valves may need to be serviced and the piston may need to be replaced also.

Change the crankshaft bearings, timing chain, piston, rings, pin, clips, and change all the seals 


Inspect your valves, transmission bearings, shift fork, transmission gear, balancer bearings, waterpump bearing, oil pump, clutch, tensioner

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