Swinging arm spindle stuck

Hi does any 1 know how to overcome this problem. The engine will pivot on it and the swinging arm will move but a can't get it out I have had heat on it and been hitting it with a hammer but it won't even start to move. I have tried moving the wheel up and down while hitting it and also rocking the engine up and down.

Make, model, year?

Yam yz 125 on a 06

Lay it on its side and soak it with penerating oil.  Forget about it for a few days then come back and give it a try.  Also, try giving it a few taps in one direction and then back in the other direction.

The bearing sleeves (inner races of the swing-arm pivot roller bearings) are rusted to the swing-arm pivot axle.


BG10459 is right on with the only real solution... soak everything with penetrating oil and hopefully you can bust it free.   If you have to use a hammer on the pivot axle, put a nut on there backwards or it will mushroom the threads and you'll have another big problem to solve.  A brass, plastic or wood drift can soften the beating on the steel hardware.



You should grease the pivot axle as well as the front and rear wheel-axles every time you install them.  Sure it makes a bit of a mess, but it prevents this issue.


Thanks for the advise. Its lying on its side with oil in it. I havnt had the bike long. And yes always grease bearings and spindles and you wont get these problems.

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