Should I buy new or used drz?

Hey guys I finally scraped up enough money to buy a bike, now the hard part. Should I get a new or used drz 400? The going price for a used drz in my area of SoCal is mid to low 3000, where a new bike is around 6.3. Is it worth it to roll the dice on a used bike and hope if anything goes downhill the price for repairs won't be outstanding? I'm looking for experienced buyers or riders thoughts! Thanks in advance

It all depends on how good of shape the bike is. I have bought tons of used and tons of new bikes. The reality is you have to put money into both so if the used one is in good shape, clean and we'll maintained it could cost you less overall then a new one. That being said, new makes you feel all warm a giddy inside and you don't have to deal with any potential problems the previous owner might have created...

IMO, buy used, save yourself a few bucks and live happily have both a bike AND some money in the bank.... It's nice having a couple grand in the bank for a rainy day

Things like brand new....

I'll take that as you think I should buy it

I think that bike looks great, I would go that route, plus the extras that go with it. I had an 2002 my cousin a 2009 mine was used with a Yoshi pipe, rack, jetted, and led signals. It would run a lot better than a stock bike. Have fun, great bikes.

I'll take that as you think I should buy it

Yes. If that's what you are looking for then yes....

That being said, maybe take it to a shop and get them to check it over just to be safe. A $100 now could save you $1000s later...

Thanks for your help everyone. I'm going to see the bike today, wish me luck.

Yeah , buy near new and save .

No need to buy new , unless you can afford to

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