250f to supermoto conversion

Hi I have a 2006 yz250f stock gearing and sprokets and I don't ride mx much anymore and have gotten into street bikes and am debating selling my bike unless I can convert it to a street legal supermoto for high way or just back road crusing. Does anyone have any knowledge about this? Can I change up the sprokets, tires, and add brake lights head lights and turn signals and be good to go? Would the bottom end hold up? I put new cam chain piston rings and valves in it over the winter and only took it to the track 3 times the entire season. Takes up too much garage space for never riding. 


I certainly wouldnt build a 250f to be a highway cruiser.  You really need 500cc+.  Something with enough grunt to allow you to run the gearing needed to sustain low rpm 70mph.  Plus with the weight of an mx bike wind and air coming off vehicles will toss you around.


Making it street legal will be up to your DMV.  Do you have a title or the MSO?  If you have the MSO i hear its easier.  If not you will need a bill of sale at the very least.  Something that shows the dmv that you purchased the bike.  The first step is to title it.  It will probably say "off road use" on it.  Then you need to get a change of use on it.  Then register it. 


As far as working it out, you will need to add/upgrade the stator to have enough to run lights.  Even if you use a trail tech running off  watch battery, and LED tail light, the headlight is still going to draw some juice.


You would probably be better off selling/trading for a WR426/450.  Same title issues but more grunt, a charging system, depending on the year you might even get Estart.

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