Hey iv tryed adjusting my rear shock pretty much on full it was way to soft and it still is soft as is it buggered or is it a standard chinese shock ne suggestions ?ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1380568668.707014.jpg

What kind of bike, or better yet what shock brand. If its not kayaba, shoa, wp, or ohlins, it is probably unheard of and most of us will not be able to help you. What did you adjust (spring tension, valve clicker)?

Spring tension bud ye im not sure wat brand it is guy told me to adjust the two above spring

Well if that is a picture of your rear shock, you have loosened the spring preload right off, which will make it softer. Turn the nuts, one is the adjuster (closest to the spring) and the other is the locking nut. Turn them down which will begin to compress the spring and make it stiffer. Becareful not to compress it too much as it will become dangerous if you are hitting big jumps.

Ye dats it but i tightend it down and its soft so im guessing its buggered also wat are the blu adjusters on the top ?

Those are the hydraulic adjusters. If you turn them in, it will restrict hydraulic oil flow which will make the ride of the shock stiffer. The spring adjusts ride height and the adjuster effects shock compression stiffness.

Oh and just a helpful hint on your post, if you use proper English in your posts people will be more inclined to help you.

Sorry bud cheers for the help

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