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klx250s or drz400s (70% offroad)

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Alright guys, here goes.

Just bought a used but basically new crf150f to poot around on. Love the little bike but I'm too big for it, and oddly enough I'm a female who is too tall and heavy for the size of the 150. I'm about 5'8-5'9" and athletic/curvy. Inseam is probably 32-33.

The other issue is that I have no way of trailering a bike to any ride spots so I've decided that a dual sport is my best bet.

Narrowed it down to the klx250s and drz400s since there is a dealer 5 minutes from me who sells both. Which bike is better off road? I know the klx has a 6 speed which is important to me after having only 5 on the Honda. But the drz400s is a more powerful bike with more adjustable options.

Either way I'm looking at about 70% offroad and 30%-40% on road. Even on road riding would be simple trips to town and nothing long distance. I wish one had fuel injection but I can live without.

I know KTM makes the best DS bikes but I can't justify the 10k for a 350 when the closest dealer is 45 mins away and I know nothing of what kind of durability/maintenance is required on them.

I'm familiar and comfortable with Suzuki and kawi and have owned powersport products by both.

Which is more fun and easier to handle offroad? Is 6 speed that much more worth it? I know the aftermarket is great for both. Just trying to decide whether to spend the extra 1300 on the drz or jump on the 250 and have a blast.

Any feedback is appreciated. My only concern at this point is worrying if a 250 has enough power for me and my uses.

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I have a klx300.  While not a 450mxer it has plenty of power.  There are also some pretty simple things to get more power out of either of the bikes you listed. 


I like the light weight of the 250 more.  btw  I'm 6' 180lbs.  I like long walks on the beach and reading poetry.  I look kinda like shaggy though.  (this was a joke please take it that way.)

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