Coming from a DRZ400S - Do I go 125 2-stroke or 250 2-stroke?

I currently ride a DRZ400S that’s setup for off-road (geared down, pumper carb, armor, pipe, etc).


I ride mostly single track trails and tossing around 320 pounds of DRZ between trees, over rocks and through ruts isn’t exactly the easiest thing.  So, I’m thinking about adding a second bike to the collection that’s more specialized for single track and other off-road shenanigans.


I’ve never owned a 2-stroke, but I’m really drawn to the light weight and simple mechanics of them.  But what I’m struggling with is – 125 or 250?


I’m 6’4” about 200 pounds.  Do I go with a 125 and get the lightest weight possible?  Is a 250 overkill for tight single track riding?  Maybe a 250 and put a heavier flywheel on it to smooth out the “hit” a little and make it more usable in the tight stuff?


Curious what you guys think.  Maybe some of you have gone through a similar transition that can speak to what you prefer?



250 2t... Especially at your weight...

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