Richer Needle from N3CE

What is a size richer needle from N3CE ?

is it N3CF ?


If you mean diameter, the closer you get to A is richer.

okay, Im currently running the N3CE on the richest clip position. looking at the parts schematic for 07 144sx and doesn't seem to show a needle richer than that one...  What would be the next step richer and where do I get it? thanks

How do you reference and convert the KTM needle to the sudco needle?

doesn't show the NC3E on the conversion chart?


Its page 146 on their catalog

For the straight section diameter, your NC3E is 2.695mm, which is equal to a sudco K diameter needle. As for the taper section and clip positions, I'm not sure there is a way to compare directly. I think the Keihin oem needles are multi taper needles, and the sudcos are single tapers.

Hmmm... Well this isnt good...Would it be safe to run a small spacer washer under the last clip position on the needle to get a little richer jetting then??

Well, there is an N3EE (part #4SR-14916-EE-00) that I believe is the same as your N3CE but is a half clip richer on the clip positions. That might help you get what your needing. As for the small spacer under the clip, I have heard of people doing it with success, but I have never tried it myself.

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