2014 Stock vs PC Pipe & Gearing

Been messing with my new bike.  I know alot of people debate on here about aftermarket pipes and all. Yesterday I was trying out different things on the bike and the pipe was one of them.  The biggest thing I noticed with the PC t-5 vs the stocker is on the top.  The stock pipe drops off pretty significantly/abruptly where the PC pipe kept pulling and allowed you to stay in the same gear.  The PC also revved out quicker and had smoother more manageable power.


I tried a 48 tooth on the back and it sucked, just couldn't get into the power.  Now have a 50 tooth (stock) and it rips. I'm gonna try a 51 tooth and see if I can't get more bottom and torque.  Coming out of some turns with short runs into jumps it seems to be between gears.  2nd just isn't enough and third you have to clutch it too much.  We'll see...always a progression.


2011 v 2014.jpg


Oh yeah.  This bike is freaking amazing.  Compared to the 2011...it just doesn't compare.  Handling, power...everything.  You can throw this bike around in the air, it turns on a dime compared to the 2011.  So glad I traded up.  I was close to not really wanting to race with the 2011 because I hated to ride it so much and it was my first bike so I didn't know any better.  This bike just instills confidence.  When I used to go ride I would do a couple of laps, then sit down...not really ride that much, it was a job.  Yesterday I couldn't sit down.  All I wanted to do was ride.

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Nice, congrats on the new bike.

What ever happened to the Don't touch it just ride it mentality? Congrats on the new bike, grease it and run it.

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