Would you move to the center of off-road paradise?....


Would you move to the center of off-road paradise if it meant having to drive an hour + to work?

We have the opportunity and are weighing our options.

Here is what would change:

Driving kids to school, now is 20 mins, would change to 15. District quality is comparable, size is much smaller.

I work from home, but supply runs (once/twice a month) would be 1 1/2 hours as opposed to 1/2 hour currently.

My wife's drive (4 days/week) would go from 20 mins to 55 and over a mountain pass.

Groceries, post office, hardware store, interstate access would be similar - about 20 mins.

Mortgage would be a little lower, if not the same, taxes would be lower.

Owned-acreage would grow from 6 with an incredible view to 32 in a sunny mountain valley backed against national forest.

We would be dead-center in the meca of off-road riding and would never have to load up to go ride again. As opposed to being an hour from there now, which is where I always ride anyway. My wife has all but quit riding because she hates to load up to go ride. She would rather just hop on her bike and take off when the urge hits, like she could when growing up (in that area). She would definitely get more into riding again.

Gas prices are going nowhere but up. Think it would be wise to make the move? It should be a simple answer, but I feel like it would be an irresponsible move for some reason. Any thoughts? Opinions?

I think you should tell me where this is, so I can go check it out for you.  :ride:

I think you should tell me where this is, so I can go check it out for you.  :ride:

Sorry, inside info.... Isn't even listed. Now bug off. :)

for me, being 5mins from work is key. It allows me to get in, get out and get on with riding as much as possible.  The commute to the riding areas is a shock to the bank account these days, but therein lies the trade off. I've had the same quandary for years now.

No. You spend more time doing other things then riding..... If you rode more then you work then yes, but unfortunately that's not the case...

Only you & yours will ultimately figure that one out. I really enjoy my situation. I can commute home...with a bicycle, and jump in my truck(trailer loaded & hooked up) and be riding in just over an hour.

Nope. I had a 55 minute work commute once. It sucked. The gas bill nowadays would be outrageous and your wife does not want to spend 40 hours per month commuting just for work.

Does she have to keep her same job? 2 hours of driving a day is killer.

Nope, love working 3 minutes from home.  Did the 45 mile commute for one year.  2 extra hours a day in the car.  Can your wife get a job closer to "the area" that is comparable?  My guess is no as there is little work around there, but depends on profession.......  10 hours of extra traveling is not worth saving an hour to go riding once a week.

You said you work from home, so you'd get to ride anytime you want?  Who wouldn't love that?  :ride:  Having said that, you're gonna make your wife's drive to work 3 times longer than it was before; who wouldn't hate that? :foul:  (not to mention the cost of fuel)  And then there's the long term idea of  how great would it be to retire in a place like you describe?   :smirk::D:busted::applause::cheers::banana:


In the end you and your family are gonna hafta make these decisions.  :excuseme:


Just my 22 cents worth.  (adjusted for inflation)  :censored:

Am I right in that your wife grew up in the new area? If so, then let her decide if she is willing to trade off the extra commute for returning to her roots.




I currently commute at least an hour each way and it blows.  I can't imagine adding a mountain pass into the mix (especially during winter and construction periods).  It's a huge waste of time, money, and puts a lot of miles on your vehicle.  If I had the choice, I would live closer to work, or work closer to home, but neither of those are viable options.  But that's just me.  

I suggest the center of "Off Road Paradise", is SoCal?


Just ask in the SoCal forum...  They may even have experience with commuting?

took a job at Boeing, and moved up here to the NW in 1994...off and on at first, but bought a house in Mukilteo, 5mins from Everett plant.  2 weeks on the job, and I my job position gets moved to Renton :mad:  Figured I'd see how it goes and proceeded to commute the 35miles through worse traffic than anything I ever dealt with in Socal, and the fools in this state made it illegal to split lanes on a motorcycle. :mad:  I killed 2 cars in 4yrs commuting as well as ending up with a social life in both cities. Really made for some tough workarounds...really glad to get moved back to Everett. My dirt riding availability has skyrocketed since. After driving through the mess twice a day, my energy and motivation was gone. Depressing if ya ask me.

Thanks for all your input. I am all for it, but I will ultimately leave it up to her, since she would be making more sacrifices than me. Her drive to work would really be the only foreseeable negative. She is in the healthcare field, so unless she wants to take a MAJOR pay cut (that would make the move impossible anyway), getting a closer job is out of the question.

Another positive I forgot to mention: our closest relative (babysitter) is an hour away, where there we would be surrounded by them. (I get along fine with them - before you let loose with any mother-in-law cracks.)

We are going riding this weekend and will ride right by this place on our way to the single track. We'll take a look at it through buyer's eyes.

I suggest the center of "Off Road Paradise", is SoCal?


Just ask in the SoCal forum...  They may even have experience with commuting?

Sorry Dave, another 3k miles south!

Hard to call anyplace that closes due to snow paradise.......but we'll all come visit.

Hard to call anyplace that closes due to snow paradise....

For the record, I did say "off road" paradise, not strictly "dirt bike" paradise. There is lots to do in the white stuff too!

cle elum is nice. i'd move!

cle elum is nice. i'd move!


I was lookin down on the slag piles and sware I can see freshly ridden trails.  I think it's time to restore Bullfrog Flats to it's former glory :banana:

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