buying a 4 stroke, good or bad?

hi guys i mad a post about which 2 stroke to buy and you guys helped me a lot and before i go out and buy a 125 2 stroke i decided to see if a 4 stroke would be good also, now i know 4 strokes are more maintenance and are more money to repair, but i own a 4 stroke quad honda 400ex, and ive been inside the engine i rebuilt it put new rings in it and i also spilt the cases so i know how to rebuild them, im just wondering would it be easier to get a 4 stroke to ride trails and track, i know everyone seems to do better on a 250f, im looking at a 05/06 crf250r, i talked to the guy and he has proof that it was just rebuilt with only 7 hours on it and valves were just replaced with 7 hours on it, he has the receipts and the bike is really clean and owned by a racer which i like because that means it was maintain, so it would be appreciated if you gave me your opinions on the 250f, thxs. 

the only reason i bring this up is because once i advance on to b class im going to have to sell the 125 anyway to get a 250f so i was just wondering would it just be easier to get a 250f from the start 

If you weigh more than 160 get a 250f... Y wouldn't you race a 125 in b class? 125 is the only option to transition from mini to big bikes ...250f you need more meat to hang it out a 125 in proper trim will keep up any day....

i weigh 165 and gaining do to my height, what are the pros of the 250f and why are they so popular


Easy to ride less work...on the flip the ease to ride you gain maintenance and parts costs

I'd buy a 250f for my wife...

i think i will just stick with the 125 2 stroke just thought i should give the 4 stroke a shot first thxs anyways

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