Shoulder injury help

Back in 98 I hurt my shoulder came up short on a timing section got thrown off into the face of the forth jump shoulder first. Being young and never hurting my shoulder before thought it would heal on it's own. Probably for the first six months I could not throw at all and I had a hard time raising my arm over my head. I've had the shoulder x-rayed and have been to PT. It helped but my job through the years hasn't been good to the shoulder either. Now after I ride I have a lot of soreness in the shoulder or if I try to lift weights. My question is what can I do to improve the shoulder? Should I after all these years go and get a MRI? Was to my Primary Care and he could feel the slight hitch in my shoulder put me on a steroid which might have helped some, but not enough!

Its time to see a physician with interest in the shoulder.  An MRI is not always necessary, but a good doctor is.

Dr. Mark who should I see my Primary care or is there someone else I should seek out? I never found out what damage I did. I feel the joints not stable enough that's why after I ride it's so sore, but that's my guess! I'm in the Pittsburgh area.

My first choice would be an Orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine.  The question is whether or not your insurance company puts its big nose in your choice of physicians.

Dr. Mark is there a way around the insurance company? It really sucks that they determine who I can see! I'm in the Pittsburgh area and there are a lot of good Doctors there. I have PPO Blue.

With a PPO, most folks can see whoever they want.

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