D.C. "Obamacare" Budget Fight Could Impact OHV

Do you know if moonrocks OHV area will be open? Will they force people out?

JMX, I don't know, but I do know that the NV local law enforcement advises that folks planning to ride at Sand Mountain, find another place to ride.

They have shut down riding and, parking areas in my town already!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that that going to  stop me FORK NO!!!!!!!!!!! I think both sides need to be roosted with 2" gravel repeatedly until a decision is made. I bought a dirt bike not a quad for a reason. They fit under gates, go over boulders and need minimal trail to get around. I am done having "the man"say I cant go some where I want to go. In ALL OF OUR FOREST IT BELONGS TO THE PUBLIC NOT THE GUBERMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stand tall America and take back your rights. It is your right to be in a public forest it belongs to us not them. They just get to rape the resources and make $$$$$$$$$$