Thinking about buying a new leftover 2013 450sx-f in the near future

I'm thinking of buying a 2013 450sx- factory edition if possible in the next month or so. How do these bikes hold up? how much more do you think the Factory Edition is worth? 

Well I just took the plunge.  I had enough "positive" reinforcement to feel comfortable with my decision.  I ended up with a 13.5 450sx-f Factory Edition.  I have NOT had a chance to actually ride it yet for various reasons (I picked it up last thursday), but it seems to be very well put together and thought out.  It is different from the Japanese bikes in certain ways it seems.  Not really fond of the manual but working through biggie.  Seems like suspension has a fair amount of "drag" but I am told should loosen up and break in as stock WP tolerances are tighter in general than Showa or KYB. is a TALL bike for sure.  I am not and managed ok with my Hondas, but this thing is def taller!  Lol!  We'll see how that play out...I did get the lower seat for it. the factory edition worth it? me it was definitely.  I feel I got a very good deal on it and the 13.5 has the engine refinements that the 14 model has.  Plus I think the orange frame is the bomb when it comes to what the bike looks like.  It looks stunning in person and to make a bike look like that would likely cost more than buying the 13.5 Factory Edition.  Plus it has the Ackropovic Ti slip on which is big $$ alone.  Black Rims, 2014 mapping with the MAP switch installed, comes with and HR Meter, a hole shot device, Gold Regina Chain, Orange Sprocket, The factory Red Bull Graphics package, Hand Guards, Black Excel Rims.  Yea a lot of cosmetic stuff but we tend to do that stuff anyway half the time so I think it counts.  But.....the upgraded internal engine components were really a selling point to me.  I gather the internal upgrades were more for reliability than performance which is cool with me....of course the whole point of the bike was to meet the homologation rule with the new engine cases (no kick starter boss).


But........a good deal on a 13 still very attractive.  It is largely the same performing machine.  Overall, the Factory Edition isn't gonna make you go any faster than a 13 will.  We all tend to mod these things to suit us anyway and the mechanical differences are not really performance minded between the two (although the 13.5 FE is supposed to be a bit faster with the upgraded injection mapping...easily done to the 13 I believe).  The pipe is much easier to get off the FE without the kick starter boss as I inderstand it.   So I think it comes down to the "deal".  I think the stock 13 is still on rebate status with the dealers.....I dont think the FE is on the rebate.  There are not many FE's left as I understand it, but there are still some to be had.  But not many so if that is the direction you want to go I would think you would have to get moving asap and try to make a deal.  For me it ended up being worth far!  Lol!  Its just the beginning for me but I am confident its gonna prove to be a good decision.  


As i figure the basic differences between the 13.5 Factory Edition and the stock 2014 model boils down to the upgraded from brake (more progressive feel), upgraded more flexible chain guide, suspension valving refinements, upgraded wiring harness.  Other than that, mechanically they should be nearly identical.  The stock 2013 has the original engine cases and internal parts (still very good as I understand it), richer fuel injection mapping, only a single ignition map vs 3 maps stock for the 13.5/14, shares suspension valving/settings with the 13.5 (I think), different slip on muffler (longer than stock 2014).  I think any other things I may have left off are fairly minor....if at all.


So there it is.  Choice is up to you.  Dont think either is a "wrong" decision as they all will likely get you around the track equally well as I gather!  Good luck!



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Thanks for the well put together replie, PaulP. I'm definitely leaning heavily twords the KTM factorie edition. Im trying to make the buy with cash so I dont have to finance anything, will take me a little bit longer. Hopefully I can still get a deal on one. the best price Ive seen so far is 6499, 2013 450sx-f, not the factorie edition, 9 hour drive away. Sounds like the Factorie is worth looking for, for me. 

what kind of OTD prices are you seeing on the 13.5 factorie editions? 

I got my 13.5 FE for $9k OTD in May.  I had a head bolt that was overtorqued some where(I assume the factory) and led to a blown head gasket at 5 hours.  KTM/Munn took care of it, even though I didn't purchase it from Munn.  That's taking care of customers and one of the reasons I bought a KTM... and why I'm currently buying all my stuff from  Munn.  I have 10 hours on it now and it looks like the clutch cover is leaking.  It's a blast to ride, but I really have no basis for comparison.

I wouldn't pay more than what the 2014s are going for. I have 12 hours on the bike without an issue. The design and quality of the bike is pretty amazing. 

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Here in the UK the standard 13 is in your money 9000 on a deal the 14 is 12500

And the factory edition 13.5 bike is 13000 USD

I picked up a old stock new 13 450 for 4900 GBP =8000USD thats 5000 off a FE

Yes I would love the fe but I have already done my own mods

Black wheelsTalon/carbon

FULL ti Akro

Map switch (all works great)

Orange frame power coated by my friend

Adjustable triple clamps

Decent chain sprokets

I have also got ohlins

Raptor foot pegs

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22 hours on my FE with no issues except sprocket bolts came loose at 15 hours. I guess my bad as I had the same issue on my 2012, now I check them after every ride. There was a 2013.5 FE on E Bay last week for $8,700 out the door. A lot less then I paid for mine.  Love my FE but the price I am seeing for 2013 450SX's ( non FE) is amazingly low, would have to consider.


PaulP let me know if you plan to sell your stock seat.


When you ride the 450 your know you made the right choice

Its so easy to ride and the power is smooth and does not feel that fast but it is

I thought it was going to be a animal to ride but its easy compared to a lot of other 450'S out there and is very well balanced

Love my bike and glad it was on a deal and the 350 was not. I was still going to pay extra for the 350 that I wanted but it all come good

The 450 here to stay

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