XL250 ignition

Hi there,  I'm wondering if anyone can answer a question for me.

I recently gained a 76 xl250 k3,  its stripped down as a field bike and a non runner.


So far I have replaced piston and rings (because I had them),  new cam chain (needed),  valves lapped,  carb cleaned and float height set,  new coil, condenser and points.


The valve and ignition timing are spot on, fuel is fresh but the engine refuses to come to life.


The spark is steady though not as strong as I would like,  so here  is the question:  The b/w wire from the alternator feeds the coil,  the other feeds to the regulator and rectifier are redundant, could these be coupled together and boost the feed to the coil ?

It seems a reasonable idea but would like advice and views before trying it.  Cheers.

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