Ironman sprocket--the countershaft

Every ride I check the integrity of my sprockets.  After riding yesterday in the mud (serious mud, poured 1.5" rain the day before), I noticed my countershaft was definitely a little more worn than it was before this ride. 


This is my first Ironman sprocket set.  I've heard nothing but rave reviews about the rear sprockets, but never heard anything about the countershaft.  Any experiences like mine?  My chain was definitely not too tight.. do the countershafts of Ironman sprockets wear down any slower than other brands?

I found the Ironman CS sprocket to be on par/ marginally better with other brands. Not worth the money IMO. The rears are a different story, worth every penny.

the iron man fronts are made out of tool steel i believe. most others are case hardened , the outside is hard while the inside is just soft mild steel.  However much it wore, im betting it would have been 5x as much on most other front sprockets.

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