Need help

Already tried this in another forum and didn't get any replies so I'm trying here. I bought an 02crf450r about a month ago(probably a stupid thing but I'm a guy who dived into things head first) without much experience with engines or bikes but I did have a ttr230 before it. Well I haven't been able to ride it much although I did change the oils, and fork seals, I rode a short while after that and everything was fine. Last week the air filter I ordered came and I replaced it for the original (which obviously hadn't been changed in a while). And after that I got some time to ride and jumped on it for a few. About ten minutes later it started choking on me, so I figured I was low on gas and filled it with vpower (highest octane rating at the pump) Was really hard to start but when I did get it started I could nurse it into running(though very choppy). However something was obviously very wrong so today I drained my gas and filled it back with fresh vpower figuring it may have some water. It started and seemed to be fine but again after a few minutes it started choking and died and did not want to start and when it did it choked out again after about 20 feet. I would really appreciate some suggestions here I am out of ideals, I don't know what the hecks wrong with it.

Sounds like your bike is starving for fuel. You should pull the carburetor off and inspect/clean it. Some times if a bike sits to long (with out the float bowl drained) the gas will go bad and plug up your jets and turn to sludge inside your carb. If you have never worked on a carburetor before, Their are some videos on YouTube that will show you what you need to do. 

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