I will be replacing the oil in my fork and shock, and looking for a few suggestions.

I have heard that maxima 5wt is a good choice for the forks, and the store has that oil, so I was considering picking it up.  Can I add 5wt to the inner and outer tubes, or is different oil required for each?  I preferably like to keep things simple, so if it's okay to add the same oil to both, then awesome. 


What oil works best for the rear shock?  Will maxima 5wt be okay, or is a different oil needed?  Also, will I need to take the shock to a shop for a nitrogen refill?


I am 162lbs, and ride a 2007 RMZ450 with stock showa suspension.  This is the first time I have attempted this, so any hints and tips would be nice. 

5wt fork oil is fine but shocks require shock oil ideally , I don't know if maxima is also a shock oil

There are 2 kinds of Maxima fluids.  You want the bottles labeled Maxima Racing, both fork and shock oil.  It is readily available and good stuff.

Maxima "3wt" racing fluid is shock fluid.

If you are planning on servicing your shock I would start looking in advance for someone who can recharge your shock with nitrogen-unless you are doing this yourself?


I just went through this and for a large city like Houston, it was rather difficult finding someone to do it. Several places had the equipment but could not do it same day, or had broken equipment, or just wanted too much to do it.  I was surprised that it was as difficult as it was to get that part of it done.

Of course I'd love for you to get the Race Tech oils, the R&D department spent a ton of time developing the oil to reduce friction, perform well, and prevent fade.  And TTalk members get 20% off.


But if you are looking for something at your local shop and the RT oil isn't an option, our techs recommend Spectro fluids.  The shock and fork fluids are different.

I used Maxima's Racing Fork Fluid 5wt and their Racing Shock Fluid Light 3wt.  I use a bicycle shock pump to charge my shock to ~ 150-175 psi.

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