made a wheelie tutorial vid .. check it out!

What is the extra lever for on your clutch side?

What is the extra lever for on your clutch side?


Rear brake generally.

What is the extra lever for on your clutch side?

ejection seat...

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What is the extra lever for on your clutch side?


Ya, cool... but for someone like me (People born without the Wheelie Gene) it still doesn't do squat!


I figured out a hydraulic lift mechanism and all sorts of extra wheels on the bike would get me there, eventually... maybe!

Great skill,  nice vid.

Thx for the tips. I'm able to get the front off(in 2nd gear) now like 2 feet. Still haven't got this yet

Thanks for the wheelie vid! Still in love with that LHRB & thinking I need one on my "E" to give it a try. Covering the foot brake is awkward at the balance point angle & even though I can power-up for many yards I still haven't mastered the "brake cover" method of "anti-looping". I'm in no mood to be buying new fenders & sub-frames..... Great job on mastering the art of wheelie  :thumbsup: ......on pavement!!

how much throttle do you give while clutching?

thanks for all the replies!


yes the red lever is a left hand rear hand brake, and it has saved my ass before haha


throttle is something you really just have to feel. i just try and pitch match RPM's when i shift and it tends to work really good. again clutching is not necessary, i only do it because i feel as if i have a little bit more control over the bike.

Nice vid, thanks for the post. I'm terrible at clutching up wheelies, need to find a good spot to learn. My WR makes it too easy, just grab throttle and it comes up easy.

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yea i noticed when i used to ride an r6 i would rely more on power than finding the balance point, it was a nice change of pace to actually sit and balance when switching to a DRZ.

how much throttle do you give while clutching?

thats what i wanna know. im afraid i'd give it too much..

I've got 15-39 gearing. I've only gotten the front up in the air letting the last third of the clutch out in first while hammering the throttle nearly wide open. I haven't had a chance to practice it in 2nd and have never wheelied on purpose before the DRZ.

you don't want to be having to give it full throttle when clutching it up. you have to use the torque of the DRZ to rip it up. that being said you should start in low RPM's where the torque curve hits. clutching it up takes a lot of practice and is something you have to feel. it's hard to tell you to go out and rip it up at 7/8 throttle because this could put you on your ass.


take it with a grain of salt, but if you have to be on the throttle pretty good if you want it to come up.

Tried to wheelie today.


second gear, around 25 km/h, clutched it in, gave it alot of throttle, popped the clutch..


the result was a SICK acceleration, front wheel stayed on the ground.


tried a few more times but all I get is an insane acceleration.

try popping it up just above idle in 2nd, it shouldn't be necessary but a little tug on the bars couldn't hurt either.

Slide back about 6 inches on the seat to near the passenger strap.

Go between 25-35kmh in second and throttle off then on again quickly and the front will come up.

I can power wheelie a 100% stock drz in third by giving a tug on the bars when you accelerate.

Its all about technique and body position.

I've been able to get the front up from stop to 1st but not sustained (SM 15/41 stock ratio gearing). Do you think 2nd is a better spot to try out?

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