Is this a yz250f front fender?

Yes it is a YZ250F front fender. You will have to drill 2 holes in it for it to fit on a 2 stroke.


UFO and Cycra make replicas for the 2 strokes. In my experience the UFO is closer in color and shine to a stock fender than Cycra.

Thank you. I'm going to go with UFO

So I just need a 2012 UFO yz250f front fender and drill some holes for fitting


Or just buy the front fender from the UFO "Restyle" kit. It has the newer 4-stroke style shape and is pre-drilled to fit 2-strokes.

Didn't know they made that. Will do

All in finding for the restyle is the entire kit. Where can you find just the front fender?

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