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1988 dr200 parts

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Hi there,

I was contemplateing buying a 1988 dr200 that is not running, has low compression, wont fire.  My question is this......Are ALL parts easily available still for this bike?


Upon a quick look online parts stores, there seems to be a shortage of crankshaft assemblies around......who knows what else.   is it too old of a bike to fix up and make run again?  The guy wants $350 for it and it has brand new kenda millvilles on it.


I really want a project bike to polish up and learn some new mechanical skills , for the price I thought it might be a good place to start.


Any thoughts?



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First post.  I just bought a running (barely) 1987 SP125 (same as DR except street legal).  Paid $200.  Looks like the coil is bad after testing with multi-meter.  I have had some problems locating a coil at the right price.  There are basically no aftermarket electric ignition parts.  OEM was $70.  Got a used coil under $20 on ebay.  I think if you are willing to search you will be able to find parts at a reasonable price.

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