Front suspension swap '78 dt 250

I'm looking to raise and improve the front suspension on a 1978 yamaha dt 250. Anyone know what other forks would swap straight in?



What issues are you having with the forks?

Well it sits a little low for me and it does bottom out at times on the tough stuff, if also at some point like to be able to put discs on. Also keep in mind I'm kind of new to dirt bikes and ds bikes

I would start by putting 10 - 15 weight fork oil in them and new seals. If your not happy after that you can make some preload spacers out of pvc or aluminum to puth between the spring and the fork cap. To switch to disk would be alot of work. You would need a whole front end most likely.

Sorry I meant I was kind if thinking swapping front ends, I'm just not sure what would fit.

You should measure the forks on a TTR to see if they will fit. I swapped my 1982 KE100 front end with a complete 2002 KX100 front end and it fit after swapping roller bearings for ball bearings. I also had to raise the rear end but it is so much more fun to ride than with ancient forks and drum brakes.

What'd you do to raise the rear?

What'd you do to raise the rear?


Chain link fence gate hinge with bushings and washers. I'm looking for longer XL185 shocks for more travel.

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