2012 wr450 fork oil capacity?

Can anyone tell me what the fork oil capacity is for a 2012 wr450? Seals are blown and I need to replace them and want to put new oil in as well. How about types of oil. Which is best?



Volume is in the manual that came with your bike. It's in mine to which is in the garage....I believe it's 335ml. Someone will be along shortly to confirm or correct that figure. Will dig it up tomorrow if not on here by then.


One liter will definitely be enough when you buy your parts.

Cool. Thanks. I bought my bike used and the guy didn't have the manual so that's why i'm asking. I appreciate your help. Thanks

Total = 18.62 oz

Book says "recommended oil suspension oil s1 standard oil amount 7.03oz" which looks like the inter cartridge

Oil level 145-148mm from top of fully stretched damper assembly

Then what looks like the outer cartridge 11.09 oz

"Extent of adjustment 9.97 to 12.51 oz"

For type it just says s1 oil

Frigg'n 10 pages of fork stuff. Good luck

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Thanks for the info. Wish I had the manual.

Regarding the fork, it's the same as the twin chamber fork used since '06 on YZ450's (apart from valving and such.  The inner cartridge is simply filled to capacity and bled free of air.  Works best if it's slightly overfilled prior to bleeding, which is very simple. 


The outer chamber is used only for lubricating the main tubes and to control bottoming through the use of hydraulic "oil locks", essentially just a tapering, decreasing amount of room for the oil to flow past the descending inner tube as it nears the bottom.  But it can also be used to affect the overall feel of the fork as well.  The captive air within the fork becomes a de facto air spring, and adding oil will make the ride stiffer and harsher, while lowering the level makes it softer/plusher.  The base oil level for YZ's was 350cc per side for a long time.  Adding 20cc or subtracting 30cc from this makes a fairly big difference.  Start with 340 and see what you think.  Change the level no more than 10cc at a time.


200 cc for inner

350 for outer  +/- for feel

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