2005 CRF250R Oil Issue

So just after an oil change i went riding and the exhaust was blowing quite a bit of white smoke with the choke on. I got going the white smoke stopped and it rode just fine. After coming off the track the airbox was blowing oil out of the bottom of it onto the swing arm and it seemed like there was also some coming out of the breather tube on the bottom. Why is it doing this? I probably need to put a new top end on it soon but should i also do the bottom end so i can replace the crank case seals or would this not being doing this? I have also been told that on start up most CRF's burn a little oil off but this seems like it went through the whole engine side after only putting maybe 2 hours on it. Any and all help is much appreciated. 

by the sounds of it. your rings are gone which result in the symptoms you describe a new top end kit will fix that. how many hours do u have on ur bike?

I am by no mean's an expert but I do have a 05 that I bought used in 2010. After the first summer, got hard to start and had to do the valve's and put in a new piston at the same time..


never had white smoke but here's some info


I then put in an hour meter and record every ride. Check oil every and do a oil, filter and tranny change (with Maxxima) at min of 15hr's or if the oil start's looking dark at the dipstick.


I ride the F@$#^ out of my bike. Mostly long FSR ride's and BC narly single track and have just over 100 hr's after rebuild



Oil will come out the bottom of the air box if you drop the bike or MAYBE if you have overfilled the oil( not sure of this)


I JUST had the same problem with oil out of the air box and NOT dropping it. Check the tranny oil bolt on the bottom RIGHT side (not the tranny drain bolt on the left side) to make sure you still have tranny fluid). As well check your oil level to see if it's over.


If you don't have tranny fluid and extra oil, the right side crank is gone. This a cheap fix. I'm in the process of doing mine so If you want some tip's send me a PM

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search "oil migration"


you need a new right crank seal, balancer bearings and seal.  also left and right side case seals and O ring for behind the water pump. 

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