Anybody Have Pics of an FMF Slip-on on there TTR 230?

I think i'm gonna get the FMF slip-on for my 230, I've got my jetting crisp and dead on and I think that pipe will look nice and help the bike flow nicely without the factory baffleing, besides the stock black muffler looks like crap. Really wanting to see a few side view shots of how the pipe will look, if any of you guys could share a few pics I would be mightly grateful. :applause:



I've heard that if you get a performance pipe then it requires a rejet no matter what

I've already done the full and complete rejet, pilot and main, I also shimmed the needle one position to richen and help with throttle response as well as removed the snorkel, as noted in my sig. I've been riding with the baffle out of the stock pipe and its just to noisy, hollowy noisy sound. The FMF will actually quiet it down a little bit, it will have a nicer thump to it, I've heard one on another 230, also help with the exhaust flow a bit better  in its rejetted state, not to mention look way better. :ride:

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Wow, guess i'm now the only guy with an FMF slip on on a TTR 230, bike sounds like a 450 now, nice pop to it, also helped with bottom end pull a little. Bike runs out super smooth with no hick ups, jetting feels spot on. So for any of you that might be interested in what it looks like, here you go,...



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How much did you pay for it? Looks a hell of a lot better than stock!

Yeah I think so to, sounds awesome. I got it off ebay for 198 shipped.

Awesome looking bike

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