Jetting Gurus

Just wanting to verify my jetting with the jetting gurus. Bike runs decently but I feel there is room for improvement. Open to suggestions. Not sure if my main jet is a little too big or not for the amount of air I'm feeding the bike.


2005 DRZ400sm

Twin Air filter

Delta 4 Barrell Slip on exhaust

2003 DRZ400e FCR 39 with coast enricher removed and ports connected

e model air box and connector with snorkle removed

air box lid drilled


alt 0 - 1000ft

temp 80f +

high humidity


Main jet 160

Pilot jet 48

EMN Needle 3rd clip

Scotts Fuel screw 2 3/4 turns out

Remaining jets stock




Air box lid drilled ? You mean the top of the air box ?

45 pilot and 155 main .. 2 turns fuel screw


i don't consider to be a guru , just IMO

I have the snorkle out for a little bigger than 3x3 plus the actual side cover of the airbox is ventilated as well.

Similar to craigo 485sm's airbox side panel.

Yeah , from looking at your mods I would be happy with just the 3X3 .

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