Front brake seizing up.

I am riding a 09 wr300 and the front brake is locking up. I've pulled it apart 3x's now making sure everything is lubed and moving freely. I've bleed the brakes, and lowered the fluid level to the line. Pad are used but still have plenty of life. I can ride a few nose wheelies and it will heat up and lock up.

Upgrade your brake oil. Waht are you using? Dot 5.1? Lock up is usually generated from low grade oil over expanding due to heat. Consider flushing the whole system with a new and 5.1 brake oil.

Does it unlock after cooling down?

Has it still got the rubber in the cover. Sounds like to much fluid and when it gets hot it locks the brake on. Make sure the cap has the rubber and is vented between the cap and the rubber

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