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how to TT250/350 Xt350/250 Decompression leaver oil seal replacment

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Hi guys I was thinking I would post some pictures to help anyone out if/when anyone else has to do this on the xt350/tt350/ tt250 4 valve engine.


At first glance this seems like a straight forward job, slide out the leaver, pop out the seal and replace, that is only sort of true:



Design flaw? this bike is a 1990 Australian TT350 its the same machine as the USA TT350 1986, 1987 and shares almost identical engine to the xt350 and xt250 4 valve (tt 350 has upgraded clutch and oil pump and a better designed air box, better suspension) I believe the same problem with the leaver not clearing the frame exists on all of these models.


So instead of removing the engine i removed the carburettor, unmounted the shock reservoir, undid the mounting bolts front, top and the single hidden one underneath the main swing arm bolt.



The engine was then free enough to pull back on and rotate to get clearance to remove the leaver (just)



It’s easy from there to pop the old seal and replace it with a new one.

I hope this helps someone else out that looked at this and put up with it because it looked a pain to do. In the end all up including time for beers and doing the washing this took me under two hours.




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