yz125 vs yz250

hey guys so im in the market for a new bike but cant decide what one i want! yz 125 or yz 250.

i have been riding since 2010 on my 2008 crf 150f i have pretty much mastered this bike and now feel like it is holding me back.

i am 6 foot and weigh 150lbs is the yz 250 too much power for me? 

I have a YZ125 and it's a beast.

Suspension and handling is worlds better than the 150F and the motor is more than twice as powerful

If you're on the 4 stroke trail bike with no 2 stroke experience I would get the 125. You can most likely handle the 250 but you will have more potential to hurt yourself in my opinion, and you also won't be running the bike to full potential for a while which could be a good or bad thing I guess.


I'm 5'7 about 160 pounds and I just got a kx125 not too long ago. That thing will carry me around 70 no problem and it accellerates pretty fast. I used to think oh yeah yeah I know how to ride I could ride any bike just from riding smaller things but feeling the power of the 125 made me say jeez i wonder how crazy the 250+ is!

im gunna try out my buddies yz 125 on the weekend and see how that goes. why do you say it could be a good or bad thing?


Why have less power when you can have more.

Well I'm pretty sure two strokes like to be "ran out" if you know what I mean and if you end up putting around in low gears all the time it can mess the bike up. But if you just respect the power while not really under riding it it's good to learn and then when you're ready you can use more of the power. Just depends what type of person you are haha some people get too confident. I think we're all guilty of that to different degrees haha.


Also my logic on the two stroke being under ran may not be totally right maybe some one with more knowledge can chime in. But yeah the only way to tell is to get on and ride. Also I haven't ridden a track yet, so maybe I'll be wishing for a 250 there, but it would definitely be too big for my yard. If I shift early on my 125 i only really get to 4th. And that's without really letting the power band kick in between shifts. I think I have like 2 acres or 4 but no more than 4

What type of terrain do you ride? I'd prefer the better low-end power of a 250 for any offroad riding, but that's just my opinion.

i ride trails and pit mostly not really tight deer trails but quad size trails and id like to start riding some track with my buddies not racing just having fun.

Get the 125 . I weigh 170 and it took me anywhere and fast . . . The 250 will be more work than fun coming off a crf150 and probably an injury waitin to happen

ill try out my buddies 125 and if i want more power then i will go for the 250 thanks

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